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Selling your home? Consider replacing your carpet

By: Christopher Gillis - November, 2017

One of the best ways to clean up your home when you’re trying to sell it is to replace old flooring. Brand-new floor can add an incredible value to your home and can help you as you’re selling.

New flooring can add resale value to your home.
You may be thinking that new flooring is an expensive update to make on a home you’re about to leave. However, adding new flooring to your home can considerably increase the current value of the home you’re trying to sell.

Brand-new flooring can clean up the look of your home.
Your home may not be the nicest or the newest, but with a little help from new flooring, your home can seem a lot larger, cleaner, and newer. Old flooring is one of the easiest ways to spot an older home that hasn’t been kept up. Buyers will notice this as they come into your house and consider buying.

Clean and tidy flooring will be one of the first things buyers notice when they view your home.
Everyone watches their step when they first walk into a home, so the floor is one of the first things a homebuyer will notice walking into a house. Buyers will want flooring that is free of scratches and stains. They’ll want flooring that is in style and easy to fit into their own personal style they’ll bring to the home. Old, dirty flooring will likely turn off homebuyers who aren’t looking for any more projects when they move into their new home.
If you’re looking for new flooring, consider choosing from our wide range of carpets and flooring options at Carpet America. No matter what color or style, we can certainly help you find the right flooring to help get you out the door of your old home.

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